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Fluoride Free Dentistry in Tulsa & Caney - Masons Smile Shoppe

Fluoride is a mineral that's abundant in the natural world, and is added to drinking water in many countries because of the protective effects it has on tooth enamel. However, while fluoride has its benefits, it also has some potential risks involved with its use. Because of this, we at Mason’s Smile Shoppe choose to go fluoride-free and avoid using dental treatments that contain fluoride. So what exactly are the risks and benefits of fluoride exposure, and why is it important to limit fluoride intake?

Fluoride: Pros and Cons

Fluoride Free Dentistry in Tulsa - Masons Smile Shoppe Fluoride is added to drinking water because it helps protect tooth enamel. It does this because fluoride molecules integrate into the enamel itself, which helps the enamel repair itself. Fluoride integration also makes it harder for bacterial acids to damage the enamel.

The problem is, this property of fluoride—its ability to integrate into tooth enamel—is part of the reason why it may pose health risks to some people. Several scientific research studies have produced results that may confirm this. In one study, reported by the US National Toxicology Program in 1990, found that male rats exposed to fluoridated water were more likely to develop bone cancer than rats that had not been exposed to fluoride. Another study, by Elise Bassin, DDS of Harvard University, found that boys who developed a rare kind of bone cancer were often exposed to high levels of fluoride in drinking water as children. It may be, therefore, that fluoride integrates into bone tissue and increases the risk of bone disease later in life.

It's important to note that no studies have found an overall increase in cancer risk in the general population, as a result of drinking fluoridated water. However, these two studies on bone cancer highlight a possible link between fluoride and bone disease, and more research is definitely needed to explore this link further.

Fluoride-Free Oral Healthcare at Mason's Smile Shoppe

Because of the potential risks associated with fluoride intake, we feel it's better to limit exposure as much as possible. This is why, as part of our commitment to providing a chemical-free dental experience, we've chosen not to offer fluoride treatments to our clients.

The office of Dr. Robert L. Mason is a fluoride free dental practice with offices in both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Caney Kansas. For a kinder, gentler dental experience—one that considers your oral health as an integral part of your overall general health—make an appointment today!

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