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Dr. Robert L. Mason Comfort Menu - Relaxation Items

For your comfort Dr. Mason and his Team offer a variety of relaxation therapies.


  • Take A Chill Pill ~ This is a nice way for many patients to be completely comfortable.  Ask us about “Relaxation Dentistry”.               
  • Heated Neck Pillow ~ Moist heat to the back of the neck keeps your muscles relaxed and your neck comfortable throughout your appointment.
  • Warm Blankets ~ To make sure you’re extra cozy. Warmed mittens and slippers are also available.
  • Eye Therapy ~ Relax with a cool mask or dark sunglasses.
  • Music Headset ~ For your listening pleasure, a variety of tunes offered.
  • Relaxing Gas ~ This will allow you to let go and enjoy all the comforts! Its as simple as breathing and your comfort level will be highly increased without side effects.
  • Aromatherapy ~ No spa is complete until all of your senses have been touched. A variety of relaxing fragrances are available.
  • Laughter ~ We do have jokes…

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