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Occlusal Disease & TMJ Treatment in Tulsa, OK & Caney, KS

Occlusal disease is a general term that covers a number of pathological conditions associated with the bite, jaw muscles, and the temporomandibular joint (or TMJ). Holistic dentist, Dr. Robert Mason, can treat occlusal disease in both his Caney, KS and Tulsa, OK office locations and will assess any signs and symptoms to determine whether you suffer from the condition. With the help of our trained professionals, you can prevent costly consequences and regain a pain-free and healthy smile.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Occlusal Disease?

Dr. Mason Treats Occlusal Disease in Tulsa, OK

Occlusal disease is a very serious condition that causes unnatural wear and damage to teeth, often requiring expensive repairs. The damage is not limited to just your teeth, however; occlusal disease can also affect the tissues that support teeth and can lead to facial pain as well as headaches.

Some signs of occlusal disease and TMJ disorders include:

Unnatural wear: Teeth that are properly aligned show minimal or no wear with natural use. Occlusal disease in the form of bruxism (teeth grinding) or bite instability can wear teeth up to 100 times faster than a healthy bite.

Fractured teeth or fillings: Teeth are able to withstand the stresses of their normal function, as are dental restorations. When teeth break or restorations fail, the cause may be an unbalanced bite that places excessive force upon one or several teeth.

Tooth sensitivity: Recent research reveals that tooth sensitivity is related to occlusal disease and causes excessive occlusal forces to be placed on certain teeth.

Abfractions and cervical notches: Abfraction is a term used to describe the loss of a tooth’s structure due to flexural forces that cause deformation under excessive amounts of pressure.

Headaches and muscle pain: A number of headaches and occurrences of facial pan can be attributed to occlusal disease. An unbalanced bite can put strain on the muscles and joints, causing fatigue and possible long-term damage.

How are TMJ Disorders and Occlusal Disease Treated?

No matter what issue you are facing, having a balanced bite is beneficial. Less damage is caused when you have an even bite position that disperses uniform force throughout the mouth. Wearing a mouth guard is a basic way to protect teeth from further damage, and Dr. Robert Mason provides custom Under ArmourBite mouth guards to help ease the consequences associated with TMJ.

Occlusal disease and TMJ disorders are often chronic conditions that cannot be permanently eliminated, but they can be controlled to avoid long-term damage.

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Signs and symptoms of occlusal disease are evident early in life. Basic preventive measures and early treatment prevent needless pain and suffering, and can lead to long-term dental health.

Dr. Robert L. Mason is a holistic dentist, providing occlusal disease and TMJ disorder treatment from two locations in Tulsa, OK and Caney, KS. For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, contact us today!

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